B-Side Remixes Unblocked – Play Online (FNF MOD)

With Friday Night Funkin’ B-Side Remixes Unblocked you can play online one of the best rehauls of the original version of FNF, which includes a remarkable improvement of the official weeks of the game. It is one of the most legendary MODs of the game, partly because it was one of the first to achieve fame (but still to this day it is one of the most worth playing).

B-Side Remixes Unblocked

Play Another Friday Night’ Unblocked Online (FNF MOD)

FNF B-Side Remixes Unblocked gives us a revamp of songs from throughout the game, from week 1 to week 6. The new songs are remixes of the original ones, which also contain new charts. The music is not the only thing that renews this MOD (which would be enough), as it also includes a recolored version of each of the official characters of the game (except Tankman).

Do not hesitate and take a look at the different remixes contained in B-Side Remixes Unblocked for FNF, as it has not become one of the most played MODs in history by chance. It is undoubtedly one of the MODs with more quality and content that can be found today.