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With FNF BETADCIU Unblocked we will be able to play this MOD online without having to download or install any file. FNF BETADCIU MOD is one of the MODs that brings more amount of content to Friday Nightu Funkin’ and all that without neglecting the quality of it. That is why it is on the podium of the best MODs of Friday Night Funkin’, although the format of this MOD is quite different from the others, in the tabs below you can see what makes BETADCIU MOD a MOD so special.

Play FNF BETADCIU MOD Unblocked Online (FNF MOD)


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Download FNF BETADCIU MOD for Friday Night Funkinā€™

From the links below you can download FNF BETADCIU MOD for PC quickly, easily and free of charge.

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Download FNF BETADCIU MOD FNF APK for Android

From the links below you can download the MOD FNF BETADCIU APK for Android:

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Features FNF BETADCIU MOD (Friday Night Funkinā€™)

  • New week for FNF.
  • Unpublished songs.
  • Bonus Tracks
  • Secret Songs.
  • Skins for characters.
  • Redesigned backgrounds.
  • Animations corrected.

News FNF BETADCIU MOD (Friday Night Funkin’)

FNF BETADCIU MOD is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ completely different from the rest. To begin with we will have an insane amount of content, more than 60 songs available for us to play grouped in different menus, some will be in the classic weeks, others in the Freeplay menu, we will also have a Bonus Menu, and a series of secret songs that we will have to unlock through password (we explain how in the songs tab).

In addition to all this, we will also have a huge amount of characters, all these characters are both the official characters of FNF as BF, GF, Pico, Daddy Dearest …. as well as famous characters from the FNF MODs: Tabi, Agoti, Garcello, Hatsune Miku… as well as characters unpublished to date, that we will not reveal to avoid any kind of Spoiler, it is a pleasure to see how all these characters surprise you.

As for the Backgrounds there is also an inordinate amount, as with the characters, we will have Backgrounds already existing, as well as some that appear in MODs, as well as others that are new and had not appeared to date.

One of the main aspects of the MOD that make it so special is that everything changes with each musical intervention, that is to say every 20 or 30 seconds, automatically changes our playable character, the background (sometimes), our rival, as well as the vocals of the characters.

If you want to experience real surprises, dive into the world of But Every Turn a Different Cover is Used MOD.


  • VersionĀ  8.5.0

Official songs of FNF BETADCIU

  • Ugh
  • Guns
  • Animal
  • Nerves
  • Manifest
  • Roses Remix
  • Cosmic
  • Takeover
  • Storm

BETADCIU Bonus Tracks

In the Freeplay menu we will have a total of 19 additional songs, and in the Bonus mode we will have 45 songs.

BETADCIU Secret Songs

To unlock the BETADCIU secret songs with password we will have to do the following:

  1. Access the BETADCIU menu
  2. We will have to go to the end of all the available options.
  3. You will see: “Extras”.
  4. Click on this option.
  5. We will be asked to enter a password.
  6. We introduce: “dont overwork”.
  7. We will have 5 secret songs available to play

FNF BETADCIU: Developers

  • Blantados