FNF Character Test Playground Unblocked (Remake 3) – Play Online

FNF Character Test Playground Unblocked (Remake 2) allows us to play online a MOD that allows us to test different characters from both the original game and unofficial MODs. FNF Character Test Unblocked is a unique MOD of its kind, as there is no other that resembles it or offers anything of similar quality.

FNF Character Test Unblocked

Play Friday Night Funkin’ Character Test Unblocked Online

It should be noted that this version of FNF Character Test is already the Remake 2, because no more characters fit in the first edition. In this MOD you will be able to test in depth the different animations and voices of some of the most famous characters of the game.

In addition, with this MOD you can also edit other details, such as the background (you can choose between several different ones) or the instrumental that sounds in the background. Now you just have to wait for the release of FNF Character Test Playground Remake 3, which will include new characters that cannot be accessed in the current version.