Cosmo Calamity Unblocked (VS Yukichi) – Play Online (FNF MOD)

With Friday Night Funkin’ Cosmo Calamity Unblocked (VS Yukichi) you can play online from your browser a new week for FNF, in which you can face Yukichi. It is a MOD that stands out for several details, but overall it is quite balanced and offers enough quality in all aspects.

Cosmo Calamity Unblocked

Play Cosmo Calamity Unblocked Online (FNF MOD)

VS Yukichi Unblocked (Cosmo Calamity) has the structure of a normal MOD, with 3 songs in which the real challenge is in the third confrontation. In this case, and as it usually happens in many other MODs, Yukichi will acquire a final form in the last song, and the difficulty will increase quite a bit. It can be said that, while the first two songs are of low difficulty, the last one is of high difficulty.

Overall, it seems to me a pretty interesting MOD, with a fairly well designed aesthetic, which offers us a new character quite interesting, and a new background to set the mood. In addition, the week comes with new dialogues, in the style of week 6 and many other MODs.