FNF D-Sides Remixes Unblocked – Play Online & Download

With FNF D-Sides Remixes (Play Online & Download) we will be able to play this MOD online without downloading and installing any files. D-Sides Remixes MOD is a promising release of the “Sides” series. It features a lot of new remixes and animations. Recently a new update has been released in which two new weeks have been added, making this a fairly complete MOD with four new weeks and some unreleased remixes.

Play D-Sides Remixes Unblocked Online (FNF MOD)


New D-Sides Remixes MOD (Friday Night Funkin’)

D-Sides Remixes is a MOD similar to other MODS of the style, such as B-Side Remixes, which offer a rehaul of the game with changes such as the redesign of the original characters and new versions of the songs of the game. Some of the most notable new features are:

D-Sides MOD FNF Unblocked

  • 4 New Weeks, which include new remixes, with a total of 14 songs.
  • The remixes have a progressive level of difficulty, being the last ones a challenge.
  • Characters with a stylized design, as well as new skins.
  • We will have classic characters of the game as Pico, and the Dearest family redesigned.
  • New home screen and customized menu.
  • Unique animations in the background and characters.
  • New animated backgrounds, improved every week.

Latest D-Sides Remixes FNF Update

  • D-Sides Remixes is in its release version v2.0, and offers a total of four weeks, two of them added in this new version. To the 7 songs of version 1.0 are added another 7 songs with varied remixes and a very elaborate design.