Friday Night Funkin’ HD Unblocked v2 (Week 4) – Play Online

Friday Night Funkin’ HD Unblocked allows you to play online this hyper-realistic FNF MOD from your browser, without having to download the game files. FNF HD Unblocked is undoubtedly the best option currently available to play an improved version of the original FNF, since the graphical improvement offered by this MOD is brutal.


Play Friday Night Funkin’ HD Unblocked Online v2 (Week 4 Update!)

Update v2 (06/14/2021) – A new update has been released for FNF HD v2 Unblocked, which can now be played online from the browser. In this new update the main novelty is the new week 4, in addition to the new mechanics included in it. From now on, you will be able to play a total of 4 complete weeks in the MOD, and there are only 2 left to complete the whole game (if you count week 7).

With FNF HD you can enjoy new assets for the entire artistic part of the game, including new versions of each of the characters, but in HD. All the MOD content has been taken care of in detail to achieve the result we can see today: one of the best FNF reversions to date (as it really improves the game for those who want a different style of graphics to the one found in the original version).

The only shortcoming of Friday Night Funkin’ HD is that it has no new original music for the weeks, which would definitely make it one of the must-have MODs.