FNF The Date Week Unblocked (Whitty & Carol) – Play Online

Friday Night Funkin’ The Date Week Unblocked (Whitty & Carol) is one of the most interesting MODs of recent weeks, in which we can attend the long-awaited date between Whitty and Carol, two FNF characters that form one of the most hype shippeos. It is a MOD that you can not miss under any circumstances, and you can play online from our website.

The Date Week Unblocked

In FNF The Date Unblocked you can enjoy a whole new week full of surprises, in which multiple developers have participated (at least giving permission for their characters to appear). It is one of the MODs with the most cameos in history, if not the most. If you manage to beat the MOD in HARD level, you can access a surprise at the end of the last song.

Play FNF The Date Week (Carol & Whitty) Unblocked Online

Information on FNF The Date Week (Carol & Whitty)

  • MOD Storyline:
  • Whitty and Carol will have a date that will run through different locations, such as a skating rink, a restaurant or the fair. We, who will be Whitty, will have to conquer Carol throughout the songs of the new week.
  • How many songs does it include? – A total of 3: Whitroll, at the restaurant; Perfume, at the skating rink, and Heartbass at the fair.
  • Numerous very interesting cameos: In addition to the fact that all the songs are 10, the truth is that one of the greatest attractions of this MOD is in the amount of details included in its background. Throughout the songs you can enjoy numerous cameos with characters from many other famous MODs.
  • Different endings and how to access them – Another detail to keep in mind is that the MOD has two endings, one bad and one good. The true ending, which features the special end titles, is achieved by beating the week in HARD MODE.
  • Easter Eggs of the MOD – The Easter Egg that I liked the most, hands down, is the one where Whitty’s partner tries to shoot him just before everyone shows up to celebrate.

MOD Developers

  • BBPanzu – Programmer, Main Artist and Musician
  • Nate Anim8 – The Project Initiator
  • sock
  • SugarRatio