Friday Night Funkin’ VS Cye Unblocked – Jugar Online

FNF VS Cye Unblocked is a browser version that allows you to play online this Friday Night Funkin’ MOD without downloading the files to your PC. VS Cye is a MOD of quite high quality that can easily be placed between tier B and tier A of best FNF MODs, at least if we talk about the last few months.

VS Cye

Play Friday Night Funkin’ VS Cye Unblocked Online

VS Cye contains a lot of content, as it adds 4 new songs to the game in which we will face Cye, a rather friendly cosmic cat. And that’s not all, as the entire full week is available in remix version in a second bonus week that was added in one of the latest updates.

VS Cye adds high-quality content to the game, with new well-designed assets for Cye’s skin and backgrounds for the new week. The music and charts of this MOD also have a pretty good level, and offer us an entertaining gameplay at the height of few MODs.