Friday Night Funkin’ VS Filip Unblocked – Play Online

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Filip Unblocked allows you to play online a new FNF MOD that features one of the most likeable characters, which you can face from the browser without downloading the original game files. VS Filip is a rather underrated MOD, as its appearance at first glance is quite deceiving, but once you start playing you will realize the quality of this MOD (although it is clear that it is far from being one of the best you can find).

VS Filip


Play Friday Night Funkin’ VS Filip Unblocked Online

The most interesting detail of this MOD is that our opponent plays the trumpet, which may seem stupid, but it gives it a very different touch, as the character’s vowels have been adapted to perfection to simulate a trumpet. The trumpet sound pairs perfectly with the instrumentals and music of the MOD, and that’s where much of the quality of this MOD lies.

In everything else VS Filip Unblocked is not a MOD that stands out especially for its design or its charts, but it must be said that Filip’s animations are quite well done, and the charts offer interesting confrontations. In short, an interesting MOD that offers us a small but novel detail within the game.