VS Garnnie Unblocked (Unleashed) – Play Online (FNF MOD)

With Friday Night Funkin’ VS Garnnie you will be able to play online a new FNF MOD that is clearly inspired by the same character used by VS Garcello, one of the most popular MODs for the game, combined with Annie, who has also been very popular.

VS Garnnie

Play Another Friday Night’ Unblocked Online (FNF MOD)

VS Garnnie Unblocked offers just one song, Unleashed, which has been created by the same user who created the Smoke Em Out Struggle songs. For this new song, the vocals of Garcello and Annie have been combined into one to give as a result Garnnie.

Although in terms of aesthetics is a MOD of not much quality, the truth is that both the song that offers and its charts are pretty good, offering an interesting gameplay despite being very brief.