VS Jeb Unblocked – Play Online (FNF MOD) – Friday Night Funkin’

With Friday Night Funkin’ VS Jeb Unblocked you can play online a MOD for FNF that emerged as a shitpost, but ironically offers a pretty interesting first song that is worth trying. That if, the other two songs that include are absolutely nefarious and not worth it at all, as they are made bad on purpose (I do not know if for lack of interest or to send a message).

VS Jeb

Play Another Friday Night’ Unblocked Online (FNF MOD)

VS Jeb Unblocked offers us a new rather weird but charismatic opponent, which I like especially for the different moves he does in his animations. Once you pass the first song, it is recommended to close the MOD, because the songs it contains are unplayable.

I’m curious to know what would happen if this MOD had been developed along the lines of the first song, because in my opinion it looked pretty good. I find JEb’s character quite interesting, and I would have liked to see his final version fighting in the third confrontation.