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With FNF VS KadeDev Unblocked we will be able to play this MOD online without having to download or install any file. VS KadeDev MOD incorporates a new week to Friday Night Funkin’ in which we will have 5 unpublished songs with which to fight in a musical duel with the famous Modder KadeDev, creator of the current engine of the game Kade Engine. This is a MOD of very high quality especially musical and incorporating one of the most iconic characters of the FNF community.

Play VS KadeDev MOD Unblocked Online (FNF MOD)


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Download VS KadeDev MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

From the links below you can download VS KadeDev MOD for PC quickly, easily and free of charge.

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Download VS KadeDev MOD FNF APK for Android

From the links below you can download the MOD VS KadeDev APK for Android:

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Features VS KadeDev MOD (Friday Night Funkin’)

  • New week.
  • 5 unreleased songs to date.
  • Customized background and animations.
  • New character available.
  • Personalized home screen.

News VS KadeDev MOD (Friday Night Funkin’)

Regarding the music of the MOD, VS KadeDev in its first release version already has a new week for Friday Night Funkin’, which incorporates 5 unreleased songs to date. They are very fun songs to play since the rhythm is quite high and the difficulty is medium high, so it will be a great challenge to cope with this MOD. In addition, the music style is modern electronic music type so it is also a change from most MODs and the original version of FNF.

As for the graphics, VS KadeDev MOD is a correct MOD so to speak, has all the basics that can be required, a new Background, with animations that make it more interactive, home screen and custom menus, a new character which we will have to face, whose Skin is quite well worked. It is not an overwhelming amount of graphic content but it has everything we need for the MOD to fulfill its function.

VS KadeDev: Last Update

  • Version 1.0

VS KadeDev: Tracks

  • Cough
  • Jumpin
  • Banger
  • Finale
  • Happy

VS KadeDev: Developers

  • KadeDev
  • MashProTato1
  • BSkelebunny01
  • DojimaDog
  • AdrianCD05

VS KadeDev