VS Kenny Unblocked (Play Online) – Friday Night Funkin’

Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Kenny Unblocked is the browser version that allows us to play online the best South Park MOD that has been created to date for FNF. In this new MOD we will face Kenny, an iconic character from the South Park series (which was more fashionable a few years ago, so not everyone will know it).

VS Kenny

Play Friday Night Funkin’ VS Kenny Unblocked Online

Vs Kenny Unblocked introduces a new week in the game that aesthetically features a new Kenny skin and a new background inspired by South Park. The new week contains 4 songs, among which stands out above all the last confrontation, in which we will have to overcome the most powerful version of our rival. In the last and fourth song, the charts will start to move, in addition to becoming all white, which will make it difficult to play normally.

Although it is far from being a Top Tier MOD, it is a MOD that South Park fans will enjoy for sure. The good thing about the Unblocked version is that you can play it without downloading it.