Friday Night Funkin’ VS Matt 2.0 Unblocked (Wii Funkin) – Play Online

With Wii Funkin’ Unblocked (VS Matt 2.0) you will be able to play online one of the most difficult FNF MODs ever created for the game. In this fantastic MOD (undoubtedly one of the best) you will be able to enjoy 2 full weeks full of high difficulty songs, in which you will face the iconic Matt from Wii Sports.

Wii Funkin' (VS Matt 2.0)

Play Friday Night Funkin’ VS Matt 2.0 Unblocked Online (Wii Funkin’)

VS Matt v2 Unblockled is not one of the popular MODs by chance. The truth is that it is a worked MOD, as it is not easy to create a MOD with high difficulty charts that is really fun to play. Despite not being the most worked MOD in the world in terms of graphics, the gameplay it offers is one of the most interesting and challenging that can be found in a MOD.

Without a doubt, Wii Funkin’ Unblocked is one of the best MODs you can find on our website if you are looking for really difficult songs.