VS NEON Unblocked (Play Online) – Friday Night Funkin’

With Friday Night Funkin’ VS NEON Unblocked allows us to play online the crossover between FNF and AdventNeon, the developer’s own videogame of this MOD. FNF VS NEON Unblocked will replace FNF week 6, following the same “pixelated” style as the original week.

VS Neon

Play Friday Night Funkin’ VS NEON Unblocked Online

FNF VS NEON contains 3 new songs for the game, which on the highest difficulty level challenge even the best FNF players. This MOD features a special difficulty level, “Crazy”, which was implemented in the last MOD update (and contains the old hard difficulty charts).

The artistic part of VS NEON is simply sublime, as it offers us the best week 6 reversal ever created. Not only adds a new opponent quite spectacular (with an incredible evolution), but also adds a new background and new arrows, and all this following the aesthetic line of the week 6 of the game. Undoubtedly, a MOD that everyone should try.