Friday Night Funkin’ VS Pig Unblocked – Play Online

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Pig Unblocked is the browser version of the best Angry Brids MOD for FNF, which you can play online without downloading the MOD files. In VS Pig you will face in a new week one of the most mythical characters of Angry Brids (and you can see at some point the mythical bird that gives name to the game).

VS Pig

Play Friday Night Funkin’ VS Pig Unblocked Online

Although VS Pig Unblocked is not a MOD that can be placed in the TOP of best MODs, it is true that the developers have done a very good job in developing the artistic part of the MOD, which contains the new assets of Pig’s skin and the new background. Although it seems that the MOD has a very simple design, the truth is that it has several very careful details (such as the animation that allows us to see the Angry Brids bird flying in the background).

FNF Vs Pig is a highly recommended MOD with fairly simple charts that everyone can overcome without any problem.