FNF VS Shaggy 2.0 Unblocked – Play Online & Download

FNF VS Shaggy 2.0 MOD (Unblocked Online & Download) brings with it a new week for Friday Night Funkin’, and we must also take into account that this is version 2.0, so in addition to additional content we will have new game mechanics. Below we will explain everything about the VS Shaggy 2.0 MOD: news, new mechanics, technical specifications, how to download, information from the developers…

Play FNF VS Shaggy 2.0 Unblocked Online (Full Week)

What’s new in VS Shaggy 2.0 for Friday Night Funkin’?

  • Songs: 3.
  • Weeks: 1.
  • Difficulty: High.
  • New characters: Shaggy.
  • New mechanics: New songs that we will have to play with 6 and 9 keys.
  • Bonus Songs: Bonus song to play with 9 keys after beating the previous ones.

VS Shaggy 2.0 – New mechanics and How to play? (6 keys song) (9 keys song)

vs Shaggy V2 MOD Unblocked

One of the main new mechanics of MOD vs Shaggy 2.0 are the songs in which we will have to play with 6 and 9 keys respectively. With the updates that have been coming out of MOD vs Shaggy, have been introducing new songs in which instead of playing with the usual 3 keys, have been adding another 3. In the most complicated and complex level we will have to play with 9 keys, which is an impressive challenge and never seen so far in Friday Night Funkin’.

Last update FNF vs Shaggy

On May 27, 2021 the latest update of the MOD vs Shaggy was released, which has implemented a lot of improvements and additional content to the MOD, which we will detail below:

  1. The first aspect to highlight is that a new week has been introduced to the MOD.
  2. Secondly we will have 3 new songs in which we will have to give our best to overcome these levels.
  3. One of the most important points is a final confrontation in which we will have to fight in a musical duel having to use 9 keys.
  4. In addition, the other 2 songs of this week will have to be played using 6 keys.

FNF VS Shaggy 2.0 MOD: Technical Sheet

  • Name of the MOD – VS Shaggy 2.0
  • Game – Friday Night Funkin’
  • Release Date – May 2021
  • Last Updated (Date) – v2.0 27/05/2021
  • Size – 189 MB

Creators and Developers of VS Shaggy 2.0 MOD

  • Coding, Music, Charts, Arts – srPerez
  • Game Engine – KadeDeveloper
  • Additional Drawing – Cony