FNF VS Sonic.Exe Unblocked – Play Online (HTML5 Browser)

With FNF VS Sonic.Exe Unblocked we will be able to play these MODs online without downloading and installing any file. Sonic-Exe MOD is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ in which we will be able to duel against the classic Sega character: Sonic, in an EXE version which is a horror-themed adaptation of the legendary Blue Hedgehog.

Play Sonic.Exe Unblocked Online (FNF MOD)

New Sonic.Exe MOD (Friday Night Funkin’)

As we said previously, Sonic-Exe is a MOD different from what we are used to, since we will have a horror atmosphere, both in the songs, as in the stages, as well as in the voices… Regarding the news we have quite a few things to comment:

  • A new week available to play.
  • 3 unreleased songs to date.
  • 3 different Sonic Skins, each one more terrifying than the previous one.
  • Renewed home screen.
  • Redesigned menus.
  • Animations of the characters changed.
  • We will have an exclusive Mod Intro.
  • All the design as well as the sound of the game are inspired by the Sega game: Sonic.
  • There exists a secret mechanic of how to accede to the different songs. After overcoming the first song will give us a series of secret codes that we will have to enter in the Sound Test section to access the hidden content of the MOD. The first two codes correspond to the songs, while the following are other surprises that we will let you discover for yourself.
  • As for the difficulty we must comment that there is a progressive progression, that is, the first song is not of extreme difficulty, so getting the secret codes will be relatively accessible, but the following songs will be an increasingly difficult challenge to overcome.
  • Minus Sonic.exe is a version of Sonic Exe but with the Skins of the game in Minus format, really it is the same MOD with the same content but with a different visual aspect on the part of the characters.

Latest Sonic-Exe update

  • Sonic-Exe MOD is still in its release version v1.0, but it works correctly, an update does not seem necessary, at least for now except to progressively add some additional content, as could be the case of some new week, or some Skin.

Minus Sonic.exe MOD

As we explained previously, Minus Sonic.exe is a version of Sonic Exe, in which the characters both BF, as Sonic, as well as GF will have a Skin in Minus format, in essence the content of the MOD is the same as in the original version, but if that will change visually even within the own confrontations the appearance of all of them.

MOD Developers

  • RightBurstUltra
  • Razencro
  • MarStarBro
  • Comgaming_Nz
  • Zekuta
  • CryBit
  • Vania

Sonic Exe MOD Unblocked