FNF VS Sunday Remastered Unblocked – Play & Download

With FNF VS Sunday Remastered Unblocked we will be able to play this MOD online without downloading any file or installing it. As the name of the MOD indicates, it is a Remastered that brings back one of the most emblematic characters of Friday Night Funkin’: Sunday. In addition, it does not simply bring Sunday back, but VS Sunday Remastered brings with it a great diversity of new features and innovative characteristics that make it one of the most recommended FNF MODs right now.

Play VS Sunday Remastered Unblocked Online

New Features of VS Sunday Remastered MOD

The VS Sunday Remastered MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ brings a lot of new features and content that we will detail below:

  • To begin with first of all we must emphasize that Sunday Remastered brings a new week to the game, with which we can enjoy a lot of content.
  • As soon as we start playing we will realize that it also has a new cinematic, in which we will be introduced in the adventure that we will live with Sunday, since this time we will not have to face her, but to help her, replacing the companions of her music band.
  • We will have a total of 3 different songs, which have a frenetic rhythm and the truth is that despite the quiet and calm appearance of Sunday, her songs are a real challenge to our ability.
  • We will have a multitude of new visual effects that will make the Background a real light show.
  • Another new feature is Sunday’s new skin.
  • Another aspect to highlight is that the cinematics that we will see throughout the game are all narrated, so its quality when telling the story increases even more.
  • Finally the end of VS Sunday Remastered is something fun since we will see a cinematic that will reveal a dialogue between Sunday and his mother that has no waste, we will not reveal more so you can enjoy this surprise as a reward for having overcome this incredible MOD.

VS Sunday Remastered Latest Update

  • VS Sunday Remastered v1.0: So far FNF VS Sunday Remastered is still with its official release version, which has no bugs, so it is normal that so far they have not yet released another update. It is possible that in the future we will have an update that integrates additional content.

FNF VS Sunday Remastered Unblocked