Friday Night Funkin’ VS TABI (EX GF) Unblocked – Play Online

With Friday Night Funkin’ VS Tabi Unblocked you can play this FNF MOD online from your browser, without having to download the MOD to your PC. FNF VS Tabi is one of the most popular MODs of the last weeks, being the first MOD to add dialogue narrations (and also of very high quality).

VS Tabi (EX BF)

Play Friday Night Funkin’ VS TABI (EX GF) Unblocked Online

VS Tabi Unblocked is one of the most spectacular MODs that we have been able to enjoy in the history of the game, with 3 new songs of great quality and very good cinematics and artistic part in general. The third confrontation of this MOD, along with the cinematics that lead us to it, is undoubtedly the best of this MOD, which stands out for how well done every detail is.

In VS Tabi we will face the EX BF of GF, who comes to show his spite, determined to finish us off if he doesn’t manage to beat us in a rap battle. It is one of the most sought after MODs currently, and we already have it available in its Unblocked version to enjoy it from the browser.