Friday Night Funkin’ VS TORD Unblocked – Play Online

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Tord Remastered Unblocked is a browser version that allows you to play online one of the most wanted FNF MODs of the last months, without the need to download the MOD files on your PC. VS Tord is a MOD that includes 2 new opponents, the first of them Tord, and the second Tordbot (one of the biggest characters that have appeared so far).

VS Tord Remastered

Play Friday Night Funkin’ VS TORD Remastered Unblocked Online

It is worth noting that the version that has become most famous of this MOD is the VS Tord Remastered version, which offers us graphical improvements throughout the MOD in general. This new remaster of the MOD has also finally brought the VS Tordbot finished showdown, which was not available in the previous version of the MOD.

VS Tord Remastered Unblocked offers us two new songs of a fairly high difficulty, one against each of the new opponents included. It is overall a quite interesting MOD that offers difficult but not impossible charts, and has gained popularity because of it.