VS Trollface Unblocked (Play Online) – Friday Night Funkin’

Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Trollface Unblocked will allow us to play online from the browser one of the most difficult MODs of FNF, in which we will face the famous Trollface. This MOD is one of the most interesting new features of recent weeks, despite being almost impossible to beat.

VS Trollface

Play Friday Night Funkin’ VS Trollface Unblocked Online

VS Trollface is a MOD that consists of 3 different songs, each one more difficult than the previous one. On the one hand we have the difficulty of the charts, which is of a very high level; but to that we must add that in each of the songs the arrows move in a different way, to distract us as much as possible.Maybe with normal charts these small movements of the arrows would have no effect, but the complication of the charts makes the difficulty becomes literally impossible.

If you’re lucky to get through the first 2 matches and make it to the final stage of the MOD, rest assured that you won’t make it out of the third song alive (and if you do, you’ll need many, many tries). I hope for the health of the players that no one really tries to beat the HARD difficulty level of this MOD, as I think very few will be able to come close to getting it.