Friday Night Funkin’ VS Whitty Unblocked – Play Online

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Whitty Unblocked (Ballistic Update) will allow you to play online the last update (v1.4.2) of one of the best FNF MODs from your browser, which includes a very interesting update in the third song of the MOD, Ballistic. It is worth noting that VS Whitty is the most popular MOD in the history of the game, although there are some others that come close.

VS Whitty

Play Friday Night Funkin’ VS Whitty Unblocked Online

VS Whitty Unblocked was one of the first MODs to gain popularity in a noticeable way in the FNF scene. This is partly because a few months ago there weren’t as many quality options as there are now, and because the quality of the MOD itself is spectacular. Now, with the new update to the MOD’s third song, Ballistic, it could be said that we finally have the final version of VS Whitty.

According to the developers, this new version of Ballistic, which has undergone a remix and a rechart, is the one they really wanted to create from the beginning. The truth is that in my opinion they have hit the nail on the head, and have offered us the best possible update for one of the most mythical MODs in the history of the game.