Friday Night Funkin’ The X-Event Unblocked – Play Online

Fricay Night Funkin’ The X Event Unblocked allows us to play online the best MOD inspired by Undertale for FNF, from our browser and without having to download the game files on our PC. The X-Event is a MOD that stands out especially for the design of its three characters, which have been inspired by the universe of Undertale.

The X Event

Play Friday Night Funkin’ X Event Unblocked Online

The new week of The X-Event contains 3 new songs, one for each of the opponents. It is worth noting that the MOD has several very interesting improvements for its PC version, but they are only available to those who download the MOD (basically they are new menus quite well designed). The X-Event Unblocked only contains the content of the new MOD week.

The popularity of this MOD is largely due to the high quality of its designs and music, as the charts of this MOD leave something to be desired compared to what would be quality charts. Keep in mind that the charts are the most important factor in influencing the gameplay of a MOD, so failing in this detail can greatly worsen a job that in other aspects could be very well done. Even so, it is one of the best MODs that have been created to this day.